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"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015

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"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 Empty "targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015

Message  targetingxmod Ven 28 Mar 2014 - 23:16

This is my Mini-Z Mr015.

I was bought new but very very cheap on a hobby shop, cause was in 2013 and is still had the AM 27mhz board!

And came to my hands like that:

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 01_301020122958_zps965e60f7

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 02_301020122960_zps93adca84

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 03_301020122959_zpscafa6c18

Then i start my own thing ....

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 04_220220133144_zps791cbc27

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 05_300420133188_zpsc96b3927
-Stacked fets and ceramic bearings!

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 09_231020133658_zps9d1c5cb2

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 10_231020133659_zps97196b75

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 08_161020133618_zps235a3942
-And after an year of play, i decided to changed to an Atomic STOCK R motor i had... bad luck... the motor was toasted and burned my fets! (It played well for a long time but i still am finding why it toatest the stacked fets) "maybe to dirty" Sad

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 11_200320144047_zpsc54592ee
-So i installed a ASF 2.4ghz board! And forget about it! (With another motor)

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 13_210320144054_zps147c8561

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 14_210320144050_zpse06940be

"targetingxmod" Mini-Z Mr015 16_210320144052_zps69c1b1d2

And the only video at the moment, yet with the AM 27mhz board!
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